Address Book of the Nazi Party #14777

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Reprint of the very rare book “Anschriftenverzeichnis der NSDAP” (Address Book of the Nazi Party). The original book is a 5 7/8” X 8 ½” hard cover two ring binder. This allowed for the book to be updated as needed and a few pages within have duplicate page numbers. The original owner left the old pages in when new pages were inserted. The example of the book was stamped on the title page and on the pages between 121 and 122 as having come from the library of "Der Reichskommissar für die Besetzten Niederländischen Gebiet", the office of Dr. Arthur Sess-Inquart. There are 9 chapters covering the numerous categories to include: Dienststellenverzeichnis, Namenverzeichnis des Führer, Politischen Leiters, SA, SS, NSKK, HJ, NSFK, RAD, Gaue, and Reich Ministries. There is so much information for the serious researcher to include the office in charge of issuing Blood Orders, where it was located, and who was in charge. The section on the Guae include the SS Leaders within each district. Address and phone numbers of several hundred high leaders of the Third Reich. The book appears to be printed for the period of 1939-40. It is listed as the Third edition, unknown if a 4th edition was ever printed. 5 ½” X 8 ½” is the softcover book size, 314 pages.