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I am always looking to purchase quality items; I buy collections!

Please contact me via email or phone to discuss anything you may have for sale. I can also help you establish a fair value and avoid being taken, as is so often the case in this hobby.


I can help you sell your items! I charge 15% of the sales price and once the material is deemed satisfactory, I will list your item(s) for sale on the site.


Military Collectibles will offer auctions that have a duration of 14 days. New auctions begin frequently and each auction lot is available for viewing throughout the course of the auction period. During this time, bidders are encouraged to inquire and ask questions about any items of interest.

Bidding Process:

You must registered with an account on Militarycollectibles.com in order to bid. We suggest that you bid the maximum amount that you're willing to pay for an item. The system will place the lowest bid to establish your position as highest bidder. Your maximum bid reflects the amount you are willing to pay for an item, but you could end up paying less. Military Collectibles auction is designed to replicate the live auction experience as best as possible given its online. And as such, in a live auction setting, when a bid is placed by an individual within the last minute of an auction period, additional time is subsequently added to allow other bidders to consider their potential bids. In the case of Military Collectibles, if a bid is placed by any auction participant within the last minute of the auction, the auction time is extended by an additional 5 minutes.
Please note that all auction lots are subject to an 20% buyer’s premium which is added to the final hammer price.

After the Hammer:

Once an auction ends, you will receive an email stating either you have won the item or you were an unsuccessful bidder. If you were indeed the highest bidder, this email will contain a link leading you to our checkout system. There you will find several shipping and payment options available.


Every effort has been made to describe items as accurately as possibly. I take clear and good quality images, because I feel these are better than long winded descriptions. Many of the items speak for themselves and some are one of a kind. Words like "gold", "silver", etc., do not indicate a commodity, but refer to colors or award grades/levels.
Please don't hesitate to ask for a better description or additional pictures, if so desired.


Generally, you have 7 days from the time you receive an item to decide if you are happy with that item. If you need more time, please let me know. If upon receipt of your order, you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, you may return it for a full refund less postage and any fees. Please alert me upon receipt of an item if there are any concerns. Please note that I am happy to accept returns on layaway items, less a 15% restock fee. For dealer-to-dealer transactions, since purchases made from me are for purposes of resale, unless otherwise stated, all sales are final.
Consignment items will carry the same inspection period.
Letters of Authenticity can be provided upon request.


Items can be reserved with a deposit and the balance paid over an agreed period of time. During this period, the item(s) would be held until paid in full, unless agreed otherwise. I am very flexible on terms and am willing to work with you with any item, so feel free to contact me to discuss.

Please note that I am happy to accept returns on layaway items. However, unless previous arrangements have been made, and excepting returns conditioned by authenticity issues, there is a 15% restocking fee on layaway returns. This also applies to any layaway items that a buyer subsequently decides not to buy, after starting to make payments.


Payments can be made either by Paypal, credit cards, money orders, international money orders, or wire transfer. A 4% fee for Paypal and 3% Credit Card transactions are added during checkout. Wire fees are at the buyers expense. Please contact me for wire instructions.

Any trade items must be received first and approved prior to completing the purchase/transaction..

NO Western Union or Moneygrams. These companies are too much trouble to deal with.


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